Residential program

Get ready to kick off your summer with a bang! Our Residential Programs for High School Students is here to help you discover your passions, develop valuable skills, and make the most of your time outstations. With a wide range of programmes to choose from – from problem solving to language learning to exploring your interests – there’s something for everyone. And with experienced instructors by your side, you’ll have the support and guidance you need to excel. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – join us for our Residential Program!

delivers mission-driven impact three ways
delivers mission-driven impact three ways


Our residential programmes provides high school students with valuable knowledge and experience in leadership development. They help students with the opportunity to learn about real-world subjects and broaden their horizons.


Through a variety of experiential learning activities and hands-on training, this programme is designed to be transformative, helping students grow and develop in meaningful ways. 



 The programme fully involves students in the learning process and providing them with the opportunity to fully engage with the material and their peers.


Leadership and Adventure Bootcamp

Leadership and Adventure Bootcamp at the House of Lalpur is an Immersive and Transformative Experience For High School Students who are eager to develop their Leaderships skills. This program provides a unique opportunity for students To step out of their Comfort Zone, Engage with Peers from diverse Backgrounds, qnd Learn From experienced Professionals in a Stunning natural setting.

Student Reviews
Student Reviews
Siphaphat Piyachotinun

Being my first conference, I was really excited to be part of this learning experience, I was able to make good friends during the conference. People from Muniversiti were really supportive and good.

Priyanka Dev

IWS has provided me with some of the most rewarding opportunities that I have ever had in my life. It is simply so amazing, and it educated me on a lot of other subjects. IWS blew my mind! The events are extraordinarily well-organized, and the memories you make during them are invaluable.

Ruth Herrlinger

The magnitude of the conference gave me a better chance for interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds and ideologies and then unanimously adopting a resolution.

Hugo Laforse

Being a part of The Indore World Summit was a memory for a lifetime which we’ll forever cherish. In my tenure of 10 months as an exchange student in India, I came across the most hospitable and sociable people in these three days of IWS.

Alessia Lombardi

We were provided with a platform where we could create an impact and although we are merely teenagers, we felt empowered and actually made a difference.

Dayna Yoo

The biggest takeaway for me from the Indore World Summit was the cultural diversity that I witnessed which gave me a chance to interact with several people and the heated arguments which I could witness which were put forward by the respective delegates.